Oil paintings on canvas


The human face! That part of the human body with the privilege of the "mirror of the soul": the eyes! Is there anything more expressive than the eyes?


Eternally exquisite and irresistibly attractive, flowers in art almost feel as if they give out the intoxicating aromas of the real ones and they are equally captivating. Which is your favourite flower?

Still Life

How many thoughts of yours, has your favourite coffee cup, with the aromatic, steaming hot coffee witnessed day after day? And that decorative lamp of grandma's? If it could only speak... And those orange-gold oranges? That is, precious pleasures of our everyday lives... That is Still Life.


The desire of the human being for the unattainable, for the ability to fuse things that could never fuse in reality, finds its expression in abstract art...

The sea

You know it. It's that old, tireless wood, whose creaking voice speaks of all the adventures and travels of times that are gone and of times yet to come. Seas and ships have always been of the great loves of Man. Yours?

Opera Costume Design

The challenge of exploring, discovering, experiencing, rendering the innumerable nuances and power of human feelings, in expressing them through the ultimate instrument, honoured by the ultimate means in the ultimate form of music: The human voice in opera...