"My painting is about contrast. Especially chiaroscuro and how the intensity it creates affects objects and, most importantly, how it reflects feelings.


Painting is as vital to me as breathing. Hardly a day goes by that I am not occupied with art.


The most perfect material for me is Oil Colour, because there is nothing one cannot do with it. Oil Colour is the most challenging material for an artist's ability, and, also, highly revered by Time, since it is the material with which the Old Masters such as Velázquez, Gainsborough, Rembrandt and others, created their masterpieces.


Inspiration can come from the most unlikely source, most unexpectedly and it is as quick as lightning. The challenge, for me, is to capture that fleeting moment and freeze it in time in the form of a painting. Inevitably, it will be filtered through my artistic temperament, so each painting is not only what the eyes see. It is what the soul feels by what the eyes see."


Having filtered the stimuli of her 20-year experience in the field of art, Melpomeni presents them to you through her new website.



"Proud to be self-taught, because a self-taught artist is raw material, who can forge and mold himself through the artistic fermentation he chooses, away from the suppressive conventionalities of an art school."


                               - Melpomeni - 

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