All those objects, you, I, we, have at home... How often do we realise their existence? They are objects that offer us their usefulness, their beauty. Especially, those old, hand-made ones. When you think of it, it's a human being that, some time, somewhere, put their craftsmanship into them. They put their effort into making them, their love, their experience, their knowledge. It's what they left to the future.

"Old doiley snugness"
"Old doiley snugness"






It's the coffee pot, the teapot, the vase... beautiful everyday objects... Each one of them has got its own history and its own personality, which, nevertheless, are not evident, as they stand on a shelf, all placed closely together.

"Precious Pleasures"
"Precious Pleasures"







Yet, when you take one of these, bring it down from the shelf, place it before you and observe it, then, suddenly, it comes alive. Then, its own personality stands out and you think it's ready to start relating to you its own story and its own journey in time.

"Copper Mystery"
"Copper Mystery"





Through the appeal of the intensity that chiaroscuro expresses, I want to bring forth this special individuality of these beautiful objects, as well as the warmth they attribute to our habitat with their presence.


I want to create still life paintings that will not reveal everything, that will have the eye seek the rest. To have the eye plunge into the mystery and try to see what cannot be made out, although it's there, through the least bit of light.


I want to give voice to these everyday objects and to their own beauty.


I want to leave out all the extraneous and keep only the essential.





This is a video on how to paint a still life in oil.

Starting from blank canvas, all the way to my finished artwork, you can see the progress of the painting, stage by stage.


I chose to paint lemons, because I love lemons! How about you, guys?

They are of the most precious gifts God has given Man! It's their dazzling colour, their intoxicating flowers, their immense value in our nutrition, their lovely aroma, their impeccable beauty, ... everything about them.


You will, often, see me paint lemons, so, this is the first complete video I am posting on lemons and still life, in general. 


Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below. 

I'd love to hear from you!


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