It was a great honour, joy and privilege for me to participate in the Art Exhibition "Constantinople's Touches", at the Culture Center "Flisvos" in Athens, a short while ago. (I've been meaning to write this post for some time.)



Thank you, all, very much, for your kind words about my artworks. I was really touched by your warm praises, so, I wish to thank you, all, for the great honour and for the immense joy your response to my art offered me.










What a rewarding feeling it was to see my name featured in it:



Full newspaper article #1 on the Art Exhibition "Constantinople's Touches", I had the honour to participate in!









Newspaper article #2 on the Art Exhibition "Constantinople's Touches" I had the honour to participate in.











Thank you, all, for honouring us with your presence!

Such tremendous attendance!





I wish to thank Mrs. Zoe Pappas - the organiser & heart and soul of this event -here on the left, with me, in front of my artworks at the Exhibition- and Mr. John Rose for inviting me to take part in this Art Exhibition.


Thank you, all, very much!


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