You know what makes a highly successful businessman or businesswoman.


Successful businessmen are people of determination with clearly-defined goals and solidity. They know what they want and what steps to take in order to succeed. They inspire motivation and accomplishment. They are unstoppable and have the power to impress! It is the subconscious respect they arouse that literally hypnotises people! They stand out of the crowds!



Why is it that these great achievers love art so much? 



Here are the top 3 reasons why:

1. Productivity.



Conquering success can be a challenging experience. Maintaining success can be even more challenging. The demands of this process are enormous: physical, emotional, psychological. 


Successful businessmen live up to these demands by using - among other things - certain mechanisms of art that have proven to spike their performance. And that of the people around them. The result is increased productivity.


The purpose of this post is not the trigger mechanisms of art, but, for now, it is enough to say that these trigger mechanisms of art are one of the major tools accomplished business people use to reach the top and remain at the top.


2. Investment.


Art is a multi-million business. Successful business people are the first to know that. It's one of the most sought-after forms of investment for them, after their business field investments, for one major reason: Art never loses its value.


On the contrary, the more time passes, the more art increases in value, because it is never affected by recessions. Humanity has been through wars, ordeals and adversities that have compromised even the most secure forms of investment: shares, bonds, stocks, etc., but, works of art have always surfaced through all this unaffected.


People know that when all else crumbles, art is a sure investment that rescues their money. According to the 19/7/16 article Why Invest In Art Now? of The Huffington Post individuals who invested in art were not so greatly affected by the recent recession. (www.huffingtonpost.com/madelaine-dangelo/why-invest-in-art-now_b_10948984.html) From the Medici to the Nazis, there is not one group of people that have not amassed works of art throughout the years.


Art is a very lucrative investment for one more key reason: It is scarce. The more scarce something is, the more people desire it. Scarce things offer people the satisfaction of feeling exclusive. Of owning something that other people don't. And for that, they feel special. Successful businessmen are no exception to that.

3. Influence.



Highly successful people adopt art, fund art, sponsor art, endorse art, promote art. Why?


Because they are great influencers and inspirers and they love prestige. Whatever they do molds people's opinions. They set social standards. One choice of theirs is enough to induce millions of others to do the same.


Successful business people know the critical role of art in human progress very well. They know the all-mighty power of art in shaping people's psychology. They know better than anyone that people are quick to adopt the beliefs and actions of a person they like or trust. They know that art predisposes people to make certain choices and to have certain feelings and mood. 


With art successful businessmen exercise power, they exert influence, without imposing their opinion on anyone. What better way to showcase and instill their values, their principles and culture than to associate themselves with noble things? People love them for it, admire them for it, they want to be like them, to follow their example, buy their products.


That is what influence is all about: The act/power of producing an effect without apparent exertion of force or direct exercise of command. 


They know that art blows up the obstacles in communication and opens the way to constructive and essential relationships. They use art to step into their greatness, to elevate themselves and to bring out the greatness in others, as well. 


Successful businessmen know that art is the collective warehouse where the noblest achievements of man are deposited. It's the precious vault where the bullion of human intellect are channelled and kept. And highly successful people love being the "guardians" and champions of this treasure.





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