In your entrepreneurial life, - artistic or not - have you ever had an experience that put your standards and your professional sensors to the test? 

I, myself, had such an experience, recently:

Two individuals approached me, claiming to be art experts with high praises of my artworks, striking connections in the art industry and dazzling promises of prospects for me and my artworks. 

Impressive, hey?

You know what I did? I gave them the boot!

Want to know why I threw away all these "dazzling promises of prospects"? Because, very soon after these individuals approached me, - after checking them - I discovered that they were crooked, deceitful people, with dishonest interests, who had defrauded many artists in the past and tried to - and managed to - appropriate these artists' artworks for themselves, cheating them out of their legal rights and price money.


Don't be afraid to give the boot! It's healthy to do it! Not just healthy! It is absolutely necessary for you and your career, at times!


It shows that your quality criteria are alert, that you respect yourself and that you're serious about what you do, your career and your reputation.


Seriousness reflects on other people. They feel it. It sends them the message that you're reliable. Nobody will ever take you seriously if your quality standards are low. 


People don't like wasting their money, time or attention on low quality things. You don't, either. 

Anyone who might approach you with a supposed interest in your work, is not necessarily a reliable person, who means well, whether a potential client, expert, associate, etc.

Don't buy anything anyone tells you.

If I had, I would have lost my paintings, probably with no hope of ever getting them back again, I would have severely damaged my name and my reputation and I would have sent, to all the people that trust and do business with me, or like my art, the message that I'm not a reliable person.


Unthinkable, right?

In cases like this, people you give the boot, will be furious with you.

It's perfectly OK! Ignore them!


You cannot believe what a boost it is to your self-respect when you stay true to your high standards and professional principles. It, also, increases people's esteem in you, which is invaluable in business and life, in general.

I hope you have learned something useful from my experience.





So, give dangerous or toxic people the boot yesterday, today, now!


Don't be afraid to say: "NO!" 


It's your name and career we're talking about!



                                            - Melpomeni -

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