10 things to know about RED



  • Red boosts your festive mood, because it evokes energy & warmth
  • Red revitalizes your confidence, because it attracts attention



  • Red stimulates your competitive & ambitious mood, stirring your desire for power
  • Red increases your sense of achievement, because it arouses your determination




  • Red generates a positive mood, making it ideal for enjoyment
  • Red reflects strength & power, enhancing your influence on people




  • Red helps you to radiate, helping you make your presence felt effortlessly
  • Red is associated with flame, thus generating passion







  • Red is electrifying and sexy, so it boosts your sensuality
  • Red is stimulating, because it raises your blood pressure & heart beat, that is why it is associated with sexuality & lust!





The oil-painting on the left uses various nuances of red, ranging from deep burgundy to flame red harmoniously combined with black for an extra sense of mystery.


Its white sparkles offer an added sense of Venetian elegance and balance to the whole composition.






The painting is titled The Eyes of Seduction and is available for purchase in my Shop.

Click here to view details and purchase.

Red is irresistible!

Just like you!



                                                                       - Melpomeni - 

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