Has it ever happened to you to be looking at a painting at a friend's or a relative's house and feel that something just does or doesn't look right about it?



Have you ever found yourself irresistibly drawn to a specific corner of some room, somewhere, without being able to tell what it is that draws you to it?


What made you feel like this? Why did your steps keep leading you back to that same spot?

The answer is "Colour Coordination".


Colour Coordination is not just what your eyes see. 

It is how the colours of your surroundings are coordinated & how you are affected by this coordination.


Colour Coordination is not how colours "combine", that is how they "join or mix together to form a whole". (Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 4th edition) 

Anyone can combine colours, but, not anyone can coordinate colours.



Colour Coordination is causing different colours to "function together efficiently".


It means to have colours to bind well together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, so as to create a sense of harmony and balance.



When your subconscious is affected by colour, it responds to it. 



If the factor affecting your feelings is positive, your subconscious responds to it & records it as a pleasant stimulus - memory.



If the factor is negative, your subconscious reacts to it, but records it in the brain, all the same, as an unpleasant stimulus-memory.


By coordinating colours, you create a sense of balance that is immediately recorded & stored in your brain, so it is directly transmitted to your psychological world. Within seconds, it floods your feelings and stimulates the "pleasure areas" in your brain, making you feel more serene and confident.


In simple words,











The oil-painting on the left uses various nuances of warm, earth browns,   harmoniously coordinated with intense teal for a striking sense of contrast.


Its dark green leaves offer an added sense of Italian atmosphere and balance the whole composition.






The painting is titled Teal Roses and is available for purchase in my Shop.

Click here to view details and purchase.




                                                               - Melpomeni -

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