Kindness, sincerity, integrity, optimism, trust, hope... Light!

Harmony, security, might, grandeur, eternity, power... Light!


Art adores Light as a subject and has done so since time immemorial.


However, have you ever thought of how many things you can do with light as your home decoration tool?


You can, actually, do such things with light, you could never believe, because they are things Man normally cannot control. Seemingly.

Have you ever wondered why, regardless of type of surroundings, aesthetic objects are lit with spotlights from different angles & positions, from different distances, of different colour & intensity?


Because light, used in certain ways, can renew you & your surroundings, in a way that has been described as "transcendental".


Concentrated Light


  • directs your eye to a certain direction, driving your attention to one particular spot, thus improving self-orientation
  • creates excitement through contrast intensity, driving away monotony & indifference, by stimulating the response mechanisms in your brain
  • adds mystery & atmosphere, resulting in a more dramatic appeal
  • affects your mood, evoking either relaxation & calmness, or passion & activeness, by changing only its colour

Want more?


  • increases safety by creating a solid, controllable environment, because it enlarges space
  • appears to change space & object dimensions physically, only by changing its angle & position
  • changes object & surroundings colour, because it mixes & interacts with them to enhance them or subdue them

Light actually has the ability to change the established elements in your surroundings, (which is very cost-effective) thus creating a most welcome, invigorating freshness and exhilaration.



                                                                                           - Melpomeni -

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