You may not believe this, but your bathroom is a very crucial part of your house. Because it's where your body & mind are revitalized and let go the most, thanks to the immensely relaxing power of water, whose sound & feel have been ranked as the most soothing ones in the world.


However, do you, sometimes, feel that your bathroom has become boring, dull & routine-like and you want to make a change, but you're not sure where to start?


Coordinating colours is the key to your success. (Learn more about colour coordination here).




#1. Use towels & bathmats in tropical colours.


Dig in your drawers & storerooms to check for towels & bathmats you already have, if you don't want to buy new ones. Choose the ones in light blue, turquoise, tropical blue, emerald green, teal, lime green, which are ideal for this tip and replace your existing towels & bathmats with the ones in these colours. You'll be amazed at the result!



#2. Add decorative, coloured-sand compositions.


By placing coloured-sand compositions in bottles, or decorative plates, in cerulean blue, cobalt blue, tropical green, cream, or light browns, you instantly get the feeling of being in a warm, sun-lit beach.



#3. Use seashells for decoration.


Seashells are the absolute, boosting "must" when you want the "sea feeling". Use big or small shells, in various colours and place them strategically in your bathroom, where you can see them repeatedly. They'll give you the feeling of your own beach.

#4. Experiment with wall colour.


If you have tiles everywhere in your bathroom, coordinate their colours accordingly, but if you have bare wall areas, that's perfect! You can DIY paint them in any colour of light blue, turquoise, tropical blue, emerald green, teal, lime green, cobalt blue, tropical green, and you'll immediately get the rejuvenating feel of a long, revitalizing swim in the sea!



#5. Use floating tealights.


Tealights are great for creating atmosphere. Use tealights in sea blue, light green, tropical green, azure, lime green, and light them when you take a bath. It is a perfect way to create your own, private "spa"!


#6. Use pebbles for decoration.


Pebbles have become a "must" in bathroom decoration. Use plain pebbles, if you want a natural feel. However, if you want something more, use coloured-ones for that extra variety feel. And if you are looking for something more sophisticated, use carved pebbles.

#7. Use the "2-Colour" Rule.


Coordinate your existing colours in pairs of 2, (not 3 or more), because the human brain responds better to the harmony they create & this way, colours will look tastefully chosen, instead of randomly thrown around.

#8. Add decorative baskets, boxes, etc.


Use baskets, boxes & other container types in sea colours. This way you will add the sea feel in the most unexpected details & you will, also, have the practical benefit of increasing your bathroom storing space.

#9. Hang "sea decorations" from the ceiling.


For this refreshingly unusual & original idea, you can hang small seashells, ceramic lighthouses, tiny boats, ship wheels, etc., with a transparent fishing line from the ceiling. You can even hang small crystals for a more luxurious feel. They will sparkle & diffuse light, so, every time, you have a bath, they will, literally, make you feel immersed in a dream-like world.

#10. Add an artistic touch.


Everybody thinks of practicality when they think of a bathroom. But, adding a painting to your bathroom can contribute a lot towards creating an original impression that will also stimulate the pleasure areas in your brain & lift your spirits.








The oil painting on the left uses various nuances of brown, ranging from light beige to fiery brown, harmoniously combined with light blue for a striking sense of contrast.


Its coordinated colours and relief texture add an extra sense of movement and offer a feeling of release to the whole composition.


The painting is titled Ship with No Name and is available for purchase in my Shop.

Click here to view and purchase.


Try any of these & tell me what you think in the comments below. 

I'd love to hear from you.


                                                                          - Melpomeni -


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