You could ask : “Why art?” “What is it about ‘art’ that attracts so much?


Whatever one could say about the majestic nature of art would never be enough, but, for now, I shall concentrate only on some of the benefits that art can offer you, which, of course, are NOT available or attainable any other way, than through art :





  • decreases your levels of stress, reduces your mental fatigue & relieves your tension,
  • generates a stronger feeling of self-appreciation,
  • has the amazing ability to create tranquility, just by looking at it,
  • affects your organism positively through the stimulation of color, (heart beat, etc.),
  • brings warmth & coziness to your surroundings,
  • offers you the privilege of being an important art-lover, so it enhances your self-consciousness,

Want more?




  • reflects your internal world, which is your unique, personal seal,
  • makes your home decoration more genuine, high-class & not imitation-like,
  • creates beneficial harmony in your surroundings,
  • reduces negative thoughts & increases positive thinking,
  • makes your surroundings more impressive & eye-catching,
  • helps you relax & boosts your creativity,
  • stimulates a sweeping sense of pleasure in your brain,
  • is a steady, continuous source of all of the above, without ever exhausting itself,

and much more.

After all...,


                                                                                         - Melpomeni -

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