Oil paintings on canvas

What this site's about

Welcome to our website!

This website features the art of the artist-painter Melpomeni®. 

Melpomeni® is mainly concerned with chiaroscuro, as the ultimate depiction of the contrasts of our lives: light and darkness, day and night, good and evil, health and sickness, etc. and the effect it has on objects and our feelings.

Melpomeni®'s artwork is exclusively original oil paintings on canvas, coming with a certificate of authenticity signed by Melpomeni®.

Why we differ

One of Melpomeni®'s professional principles is never to paint the same painting twice, not even in variations.

This makes her oil paintings distinctly different. It means that, once you buy one of her oil paintings, you will possess a unique artwork, because noone else will ever possess another like yours. This, also, means that the value of your purchase will increase significantly over time. 


A life in art

"Everything around us is colour and sound. This is so evident, most people take it for granted. Think about it. The clothes you wear, your car colour, your wall colour, the sky, buildings, labels, nature, everything around us is colour.

The same thing is with sound. Think about it. Thunder, the human voice, bird singing, etc. Colour and sound have a tremendous impact on us. Relaxing sounds or stimulating colours can actually alter our mood, choices and feelings.

As a professional painter and an amateur contralto, I perceive vision & sound very differently from most people. It's my Italian blood. 

And I am very happy to share all my insight, intuitive understanding and interpretation (my artistic perception) with you.


                                                                                                                     Thank you"